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for an average business using - kWh/year on a flat rate tariff in the - network. Excludes any feed-in tariff credit.

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  • $-/month membership to access wholesale usage rates
  • Six months of membership credited back to you after six months - Saving you $179.94
  • Carbon offsets for 100% of your usage
  • Phone & email service from our Australia-based team
  • No exit fees or lock-in contract
  • Competitive solar feed in tariff

We help businesses who want


Cheaper energy

We don't profit from the energy you use and we never change our prices for profit.

5 star service

Our customers give us great reviews because we treat them like real people.

Carbon neutral

Enjoy carbon offsets for 100% of your power usage.

Zero hassle

We know you have a business to run. That's why we save you time with the simplest tariffs you'll find.



We help businesses who want:

Please refer to our terms for the full terms and conditions.

1. Wholesale prices relate to the combined cost of wholesale power, network usage, environmental charges and market fees that we have to pay plus an allowance for debt. We buy wholesale power in advance to ensure you're not exposed to any surprises - our prices will change once each year.

2. Estimate is based on the single rate tariff for your postcode and the usage amount selected, and assumes payment method conditions have been met. For detailed information and to see other rates click here.


Energy Made Easy is an Australian Government website where you can compare energy offers.
Visit: https://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au

Victorian Energy Compare is an Australian Government website where you can compare energy offers.
Visit: https://compare.switchon.vic.gov.au

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